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MARDAANI 2 is the 2019 movie which is based on drama and action and it is a real-life story. This is the sequel to 2014’s “Mardaani” sees Rani Mukerji returning as police officer Shivani Sivaji Roy. According to sources, it is come to know that the movie is set in Kota, Rajasthan, where students from all over India come for study and coaching in preparation to sit for engineering and medical entrance exams. But this movie is not based on a study it shows the other face of the city in which darkness lurks in the city as a young man is raping and killing the young women who come there to study. It is up to police officer Shivani to capture him she did all efforts to find the killer.

MARDAANI 2 is the story of a rapist who is trying to challenge the police. In this movie, we saw that now SP of Kota is Shivani and in this city, a girl attends a fair where she fights with her boyfriend and a man saw this and he takes her to an abandoned place where he badly tortures Latika, rapes and then kills her. Shivani knew about the violence and start an investigation immediately.This hurts the Sunny and then he decides to teach Shivani a lesson. He sneaks into her house and steals her clothes and accessories.

Sunny then smartly gets employed in the tea stall outside Sivaji’s police station. Hence he gets access to visiting the police station and even eavesdropping what the cops are talking about the case.Sunny kidnaps a boy and kill him when a kid, who had seen Sunny, comes forward to identify him. After this, Shivani is transferred. But as everyone is busy with Diwali celebrations, the replacement is expected to take charge only 2 days later. Hence, Shivani has time of 48 hours to crack the case and nab Sunny. It is interested to saw what the next forms to the rest of the film.

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